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Blue Summer Moon   


Blue Summer Moon is a carefully crafted anthology consisting of short stories, plays, and poems. The short stories and plays range in fictional genres from contemporary and urban to the paranormal and fantasy. Each contains characters that are whimsical, lost and soul-searching, or living on the edge.


The plays in this anthology equally fuse the same tremendous story writing elements and will be enjoyed by audiences everywhere. There are a minimal set of requirements for each, and for those drama teachers interested in casting a large number of students in a play, then Dreams would be an ideal choice.


The poetry collection is a chosen selection of poems written with the same purpose in mind - to inspire our common interest in love, hope, transformation and the ongoing quest to understand the meaning of our existence:  "The secrets of a heart as such remain a mystery to me, for if he loved water, why then could he not find the sea?"  Yes, however your spirit guides you, you'll find it between the covers of this amazing book.     



From the Author - "I want my readers to see inside my characters, become immersed in the nuances spilling color upon                                            whitewashed backdrops, to hear their quiet breath as they turn each page."


Unlike his brother, she had broken through the boundaries of the other side and was moving about the world undetected.  An apparition metamorphosed from an electro-magnetic entity into a solid cellular paradox defying natural law and perpetuating, at will, a covert existence among the living. - "The Believers"

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